Does A Great Bartending Services supply Liquor?

No. We are a bartending service company, not a caterer. Only a caterer with an off-site liquor catering license can provide both the service and the alcohol in Florida. The customer is responsible for purchasing all alcohol, mixers and fruit garnishes. Take advantage of our highly-regarded Suggested Shopping Lists, tailored to your party, so that you know what type and how much to purchase. Request one at any time once you have booked with A Great Bartending Service. If you need a licensed caterer to supply Liquor please call 904-619-9410 and ask for Joe.

What about Cash Bars?

We generally discourage the use of cash bars. Even if your party is a private event there are special licenses needed for you to have a cash bar. Unless you are an organization with a Special Events Liquor License or a licensed caterer you should consider having an open bar (free drinks for your guests). If you want a cash bar and do not have a catering or special events license we will not serve your cash bar.

How Do I deal with Ice?

Other than the alcohol, ice is one of the most important yet often overlooked items needed for your party. If you do not want to mess with getting it yourself, ask about having A Great Bartending Service provide ice for your event. Please note that we do not provide ice for beer kegs; the customer is responsible for keeping the keg chilled. If you are you providing ice please provide at least one 100-quart ice chest with 50 lbs. of ice per 50 guests.

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